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Your Event Staffing Company in Chicago

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With over 30 years of combined AV and production experience in the Chicagoland area, The Labor Connection is your perfect partner to help navigate Chicago’s Union workforce. We are an event staffing company specializing in Convention, Trade Shows and Entertainment Industries.

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What We Do

We take great care in our event staffing and union labor planning to ensure that our clients have all the information necessary to make decisions, plan efficiently and most importantly organize a successful production.

Evaluation & Consulting

The Labor Connection has long standing relationships with the various labor unions, business agents, and members. We have a complete understanding of our Union contracts, and we work with our clients ahead of time to help maximize your investment by offering insights and assistance in planning your show. By reviewing floorplans, equipment lists, and schedules ahead of time, we can identify who has jurisdiction of work, provide clarification of “gray” areas, help avoid any penalties, and ensure that your production comes off without a hitch.

Onsite Support & Accurate Budgets

When it comes to live event temp staffing in Chicago, change is inevitable. Whether the truck is late due to weather, the venue is down to one freight elevator, or the general session speaker is going long and putting your crew into overtime, The Labor Connection are professionals at mitigating and accommodating change. We know what to look for and will have a liaison onsite during load-in/out who understands the venue, is in contact with the crew, and keeps you up to date on any changes to your labor budget.

Bonded Payroll and Insurance

The Labor Connection is the signatory employer of your Union labor and consider them TLC employees. We are responsible for all payroll bonding, worker’s wages, benefits, health insurance, workers comp insurance, and timely processing and delivery of payroll. Our dedication to properly managing Union employees and temp staffing in Chicago helps give more time back to your team.

Our Partnerships

Chicago Carpenters Joiners of America Union
IBEW Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Teamsters Union
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United Steel Workers Union
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