Proper Event Safety Management

OSHA Safety Officer

This is Bruce, our “Branch Manager” and Safety Officer. He, like the rest of our team, recognizes the importance of employee health and safety at live events. We take great care to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of attendees, employees, and organizers at conventions, tradeshows, and other live events in Chicago. The Labor Connection understands that changes to health and safety law can happen at any time. We are dedicated to adhering to the best practices in the event industry by keeping up with new iterations of the law. Changes in technology, legislation, and working methods keep us on our toes when it comes to maintaining the most current event safety management strategies.

​Working Together to Ensure Workplace Health and Safety

​​​Addressing the unique challenges that the pandemic has brought to our industry, all Labor Connection staff have now received their Covid-19 Compliance Officer and Live Event Pandemic Compliance Officer training. Utilizing temperature checks, touch-less sign in/out, and onsite provided PPE, The Labor Connection knows exactly what to look for when it comes to confirming that all employees working at the event site have the necessary training, experience, and expertise to get the job done correctly and safely. We make sure that when we hire event staff, they are fully aware of how health and safety will be monitored before they begin onsite work. We encourage effective cooperation through frequent and clear communication, working together as a team to control risks and manage difficulties in real time.​​

The Labor Connection highly values employee health and safety and strives to create a workplace that is free from serious recognized hazards. To achieve this goal, we fully comply with all of the standards, rules, and regulations that were issued under the OSH Act. As an OSHA 30-certified organization and proud members of the Event Safety Alliance, we have a proven track record of successfully ensuring event health and safety. In addition to our OSHA 30 certification, we also utilize the expertise of ETCP-certified technicians wherever appropriate and promote proper rigging, electrical safety, and a host of other safety practices in every venue where we operate.

Our Safety Certifications & Memberships

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